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Stamporama Anniversary
The Stamp Club for People Who Love Stamps

What we collect!
What we collect!

Research Center

The StampoRama Research Center has a huge amount of philatelic material for new collectors as well as very experienced collectors. There is information on current issues such as the war in the Ukraine and there published articles from back in the 1800's which are still relevant to Stamp Collecting today.

Some examples of the material in the Research Center are:


Collecting Basics - Frequently Asked Questions, an area to help you with those "how to" problems as you start your stamp collection.


Regular on-line Philatelic Articles

StampoRama Gazette

The StampoRama Gazette that has hundreds of Philatelic Books that are in the public domain and that are made available here on StampoRama


The Exhibits that have been created by our members and where you can share parts of your collection.


External Links to websites and pages that provide useful philatelic information.


The Rambler Newletter that was published by our very own Kelly F. for many years and have some great articles

Historic Articles

Historic Philatelic Articles from the 1800's that show that many of the issues that we deal with today were the same issues that they were dealing with in the hobby 150 years ago.


The Penny Page, a project where StampoRama Members are compiling a full sheet of Penny Black stamps from their collections.


What Members have to say about StampoRama. Some examples of what members have had to say about StampoRama.

Members who careFAQ

And most of all we have members who care about the hobby and enjoy sharing it.

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