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What we collect!
What we collect!

United States - Used, Mint, Reg & Comm Issues, BoB, PN Singles, etc

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Total Pages:13
Total Items:149
Last Page Added:20 Feb 2024
Sold Items: 31
Percent Sold:20.8%


Book Description
United States Mint, Unused, Used, Regular & Commemorative Issues, Back of Book, Duck Stamps, Postal Cut Squares, etc. Some great bargains. Some at >20% catalogue value. Estimated Values Based on circa 2020 prices
Country Shipping Limitations
The seller has not indicated any country shipping limitations.
Payment and Shipping Terms
Payment expected within 3 business days from invoice date, unless other terms were agreed before purchase (see combined SHIPPING below).

The Following Payment Methods are accepted:

1. PayPal - Please click on the Pay Pal button on your invoice. For totals of $10 or less paid by PAYPAL - add 50¢.

2. International Money Order payable in US Dollars.

3. US Dollars Cash (sent at buyer's risk) Amounts to be paid in excess of even dollar amounts can be sent in face value usable US postage. (No Postage Dues, Bulk Rate, etc.)

4. Personal checks drawn on a US Bank in US Dollars. Allow 14 days for the check to clear the bank.

I use postal stamped envelopes from the PO which cost .88¢. Postal stamped envelopes that are time-period correct with a cancel are actually more valuable than mint unused postal stamped envelopes. I take them to the post office and get them hand cancelled to ensure they are cancelled with a date stamp.

Keep the envelope intact vs cutting off the corner stamp. The whole envelope is worth much more than a cut square corner. So while it raises the postage cost for mailing by .15¢ everyone gets a little extra gift vs a throw away flag stamp.
Stamps are shipped by standard USPS First Class Mail at buyer's risk unless other shipping options are requested.

If Insurance or Registration is requested these services will be charged at actual cost.

Large objects such as Sheets, Souvenir Sheets, Booklets, etc. require a large envelope and heavier stiffeners.

The Postal Service now adds a surcharge of approximately $1.00 in addition to normal postage for a large envelope.

The above items are heavier than normal stamps, thus adding extra shipping cost (above and beyond the estimates below) due to the larger envelope and increased weight.

- United States - 88¢ for the first ounce, 24¢ each additional ounce. (I use Stamped Envelopes purchased from the Post Office)
- United States - Large/Flat Envelope 1oz $1.55 for the first ounce, 24¢ each additional ounce.

- Canada - $3.00 for the first ounce, 24¢ each additional ounce.

The above information can be used to estimate shipping costs. Actual shipping costs (according to weight & size) will be calculated and listed on your Invoice.

There is no minimum purchase. I will sell one 5c purchase if that is your desire. However, shipping costs can make small purchases uneconomical.

Combined Shipping: Purchases can be combined to save on shipping. I will hold purchases for up to 30 days if you desire to help you save on shipping costs. If you want me to hold purchases for you MUST email me stating that fact, otherwise purchases are invoiced immediately and shipped on confirmation of payment.

Other than Canada, I do not ship internationally.

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