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What we collect!
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WORLD WIDE, used, MNH, sets -see LAST page for country list-wide range

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Last Page Added:23 Oct 2022
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Book Description
WORLD WIDE, used, MNH, sets -see LAST page for COUNTRY LIST. Countries included are from Latin America, Asia & Europe.
There are older and many more recent issues. Thanks for looking.
Country Shipping Limitations
The seller has not indicated any country shipping limitations.
Payment and Shipping Terms
Shipping is from AUSTRALIA at cost: International Postage & handling is $2.70 per 50gm (2 oz). I have amended my invoicing procedure and will invoice you when there are sufficient stamps to ship. At that point, I will combine lots and ship.I can hold lots on request. All mail shipped is at buyers risk. Mailings over 50gm will be at cost & subject to additional postage.If you want an invoice sooner, please contact me.

Payment must be by Paypal (minimum $1.00 ). Paypal email is hloxee1@hotmail.com; Aussie buyers can pay by check or money order in AUD.

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