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What we collect!

Iran Fakes and Forgeries #2

by Lee Coen
18th of October 2017

All information shared is possible by M. Sadri and his book, Iran Classic Philatelic Reference-of which I have gleaned much knowledge. WWW.PERSI.COM

Iran Stamps,
Scott# 43-46-


Now as seen these have solid color backgrounds. They come in your standard ranges of perfs, 10.5 up to 13.
There’s even a set with a ‘short Aigrette’, printed in 1886. It’s the little diamond shape in the neck tie.


Ok now for the forgeries:


There’s that Jerry Lewis, RIP, looking guy again. Here’s one I seen for sale on Ebay.  The seller is asking $14.00 for it. I have contacted the seller on many occasions about his fake stamp but to no avail. Buyer beware I guess.


Ebay fake stamp for sale


The fake stamps always look bigger then the originals, the colors are dull and the perfs are smaller than normal. I always see them perfed at 13+

Always remember, with Iran stamps, if it’s mint from the 1880’s, really take look at your stamp. If there’s gum, no post mark from the 1880’s and the stamp looks fresh, brand new per se, seek help. Check a reference guide, search the web, find a similar example of the stamp and compare. For me, these fake stamps are easy to see.  Having knowledge is power.  While I am always seeking knowledge, you can never stop learning.

Lots of good reference can be found at www.persi.com.

See you soon and happy collecting!


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