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Auction List Filter Help

The Auction Lots List Filter helps you narrow down your search to the group of auction lots that you are interested in. There are three drop down list selections that are used to apply the primary filter. The first drop down is the "Filter Type", the second is the "Filter By Category" and the third is the "Filter by Seller". To these three dropdowns has been added the ability to filter by Country.

The Filter Type by default will display everything in the list that you have selected e.g. USA, Europe, Covers, Topicals etc. and it will display lots from all Sellers. When you click on this drop down you have the option to select "Display Only" or "Exclude". If you select "Display Only" and then make a selection in one or both of the "Filter By" drop downs, the program will display the lots that appear in both the orginal category and in the "Filter By" category and will select or exclude lots by the selected Seller if you have used the Seller drop down. For example, if you originally selected the USA category and found that there were too many lots there and you couldn't find the lots that you were interested in, which happen to be Covers, you would select "Display Only" and then "Covers" in the "Filter By" drop down and the program will display only the lots that are in the USA category and in the Covers category.

In a similar way, if you had selected the USA category, but were not interested in the Covers then you would select "Exclude" in the "Filter Type" and "Covers" in the "Filter By" drop down, and the program would display all the lots in the USA category, excluding those that are also in the Covers category.

This filtering function works in the non-category lists like "Closing in 24 Hour", "Last 30 Posted" and "Hot Items". If you want to see the European lots that are closing in the next 24 hours, select the "Closing in 24 Hours" list and then in the filter drop down boxes select "Display Only" and "Europe" and then press the Refresh button.

In conjunction with the above filtering options, when you click on the Select County button, you will be given a list of buttons from A to Z. when you click on one of these Alpha buttons you will be shown all the Countries that have issued stamps that start with that letter. Then click on the Country that you want and that Country will be added to the filter.

Extra filtering options have been included. You can select lots that have a min bid greater than a min bid of your choice. Similarly you can enter an extra search criteria in the "Plus" field and the program will select those lots that have the information that you entered, in the subject of the lot.

The Buy It Now (BIN) button allows you to select lots that only have a BIN available, lots that don't have a BIN available i.e. normal auction lots, or all lots.

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