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Stamporama Anniversary
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Stamporama Anniversary
The Stamp Club for People Who Love Stamps

What we collect!
What we collect!

Top 15 Buying Tips For Stamporama Auctions

The list below provides auction buyers and sellers with a quick outline of the more important things to remember when bidding and buying in the auctions. For more in-depth information, please see the Auction Rules, and Auction Tutorials.


  1. All transactions conducted on Stamporama are between the buyer and the seller. 
  2. Keep your membership profile up-to-date.
  3. Make sure your email service provider is not blocking emails sent from Stamporama.
  4. Do not bid on or buy an auction lot unless you are willing to pay for it.
  5. Carefully read all of the seller’s terms of sale before bidding on or buying an item.
  6. Ask the seller any questions you have before bidding on or buying an item.
  7. All bids are in United States dollars.
  8. Carefully review your bid to make sure it is correct before clicking on the CONFIRM button.
  9. Bids cannot be retracted.
  10. Keep track of your bidding and buying activity.
  11. There is no sniping on Stamporama. Late bids extend the closing time of an auction lot.
  12. The Buy It Now option can be used by another buyer even if there is a bid on the lot.
  13. Bidders receive an automated email when they have won or bought an auction lot. These emails cannot be responded to directly, so you need to contact the seller directly.
  14. Buyers must pay for items purchased within 5 days of receiving an invoice from the seller, and mark the invoice as "PAID" when the payment has been made.
  15. Communicate directly with the seller if any problems arise, and only request assistance from the auctioneer if a satisfactory resolution cannot be achieved.

This page was last updated on March 7, 2016.


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